Hello world!

Did you know that thousands of Calgary kids go without lunch every day? Did you know that a Calgary charity is trying to change that and they can feed these kids lunch for only $1 a day? Did you know these kids live in YOUR neighbourhood, even if you live in an upscale neighbourhood? Did you know that from October 1 to November 15th, every dollar donated to this charity will be matched up to a total of $60000? Did you know that your donation could give you up to a 50% tax refund? Here is the story from CTV News http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=771049&playlistId=1.974121&binId=1.819187  and Metro News http://metronews.ca/news/calgary/383247/young-calgary-girl-forfeits-justin-bieber-tickets-for-charity/

We are Corvyn, 14, and Denika, 12. Our dad bought a pair of Justin Bieber tickets. We don’t like Justin Bieber. At all. But he bought them just in case one of us changed our mind (because 12 year old girls sometimes do that). And when we still said no way, he had an idea…..what if he could give away a life changing experience to someone? We cannot imagine Bieber being life changing for anyone, but we know there are some big fans that didn’t get tickets.

So he asked friends, and Twitter, and Facebook, and looked for ideas on how to give them away, and to whom. There were options like giving them to a charity so that they could raise money; donating them to a silent auction for charity; giving them to a random person on the street; holding a contest, and so many other ideas. But that was months ago and there was so much time and nothing was really hitting us with WOW.

Our dad likes to watch the news, and likes us to be aware of current events, and there were two recent news stories that caught his attention that he shared with us. The first one was about an amazing 10 year old girl in Edmonton that was recovering from a rare form of cancer. Isabella Tonn was selected as a recipient of Make-A-Wish Foundation, and rather than choosing Bieber tickets, she decided to volunteer at an orphanage in Mexico instead. What an amazing selfless act and inspiring for us. There was another story about a former cheerleader that had a tragic accident in Croatia and was ringing up massive medical bills as she failed to purchase travel insurance. Her family created a website to help pay the costs of transporting her back to Canada and successfully raised $142000, so far.

This led to our family discussing how many Canadian charities could have used that kind of money. Understand, if we were that injured girl, we would want people to help bring us back to Canada as well. But, we have homeless people, and jobless people and kids that don’t get breakfast or lunch in this country. So our dad started looking for a charity that helped kids, so that we could do something to try and raise funds like they did for the cheerleader. After all, we had Justin Bieber tickets to give away. He found a few, but it seemed like many were backed by big campaigns or large corporations and we wanted to find something that we could relate to. Then a couple of Twitter folk directed him to Brown Bagging It For Calgary Kids.

Corvyn already volunteers in the community, and Denika wanted to do something, but it is hard at 12. I applied for Mayor for a Day and had some great ideas, for a 12 year old, and knew about Mayor Nenshi’s 3 Things for Calgary and so this idea seemed like my chance to do something. This charity touched us as we went to a school last year where kids wouldn’t have lunch, including some of our friends. We knew kids that had a can of pop and bag of chips as their lunch. We did not think much of it until our dad found Brown Bagging It for Calgary Kids charity and we realized how big an issue this is in a supposed rich city like Calgary and we wondered if those friends truly forgot lunch or if they were falling through the cracks and this school was being missed.

Brown Bagging It for Calgary Kids provides 3000 Calgary kids with lunch everyday. We want kids from all over Calgary to make adults aware that there are kids starving in Calgary and get people to donate to this charity. We want kids to join us: talk to your parents about friends and classmates that don’t have lunch and encourage parents, friends, and companies to donate and support Brown Bagging It for Calgary Kids. There can be many reasons for this, but regardless of the situation, kids should not be suffering. We don’t expect to raise $142000 but lets see what we can do. Click “comments” at the bottom of the page to read Denika’s updates and add your own comments and keep reading for information on free Bieber tickets!

How can you help?

– Learn more about Brown Bagging It at http://www.brownbaggingit.org/

– Watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjf-Y_kVL2E&feature=share&list=UUaqILc2PlJbR7bHPd1Og_zw

– Check out their Facebook page at: http://www.Facebook.com/BB4CK

– Follow them on Twitter at @brownbaggingit

– Volunteer to help make lunches

– Vote for Brown Bagging It at http://www.whatgivesyyc.com/vote.shtml which is giving away $12500 to a charity.

– Most importantly, DONATE so that kids have lunch. It only costs $1 to feed a child lunch. – Donations can be made the following ways:

Donate securely  http://www.brownbaggingit.org/donate-time-or-money/

IOverMPORTANT: In the Designation box, click the drop arrow and select Lunch Program and then in the message box, type in “KIDS”.  We have learned the link does not work sometimes. Just try it again, and if it still won’t work, drop us a line at kidshelpingkidsCalgary@shaw.ca

You can also mail in a donation to:

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids
Suite 315 – 223 12th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2R 0G9

Every dollar counts, but if you donate over $20, you will receive a tax receipt.

Oh yeah, Bieber tickets. This section has been updated due to NO donations as of October 9th. We are are trying to raise awareness and encourage all donations, and every donation over $20 will receive a tax receipt. What good is a tax receipt? In Alberta, a 15% federal tax credit and a 10% Alberta tax credit up to $200. Over $200, it is even higher. We are hoping someone will step forward and make a big donation for the Bieber tickets. Tickets are still listed over $1000 on auction websites. So if you are prepared to spend $1000, why not get a tax receipt by donating to this charity? I calculated the tax refund to be $450 on a $1000 donation. There is currently a bid of $300 for the tickets and we will update this until they are gone. Please send us a message to KidsHelpingKidsCalgary@shaw.ca if you wish to bid for the Bieber tickets.  If we don’t get the big donation, stand by for a backup plan which is why it is important you put KIDS in the message box when you donate. All donations between Oct 1 and Nov 15 will be matched by the Prosser Foundation!

If you have any questions, send us a note at KidsHelpingKidsCalgary@shaw.ca or click on “comments” below and send your message, or your bid.

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10 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Denika says:

    So what can a kid do? Talk to your friends and get them talking about kids that might not have lunch. Make posters for your school or community so people are aware. Make t-shirts. Collect bottles with your parents and donate the money to Brown Bagging It for Calgary Kids. Hold a lemonade stand and donate the money. Use brown lunch bags for your lunch to raise awareness. Talk to your parents for help on ideas. Every cent counts as it only costs them $1 to provide a kid lunch. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook (if you are 13 or older) or have your parents do it.

  2. Denika says:

    So, today I went to the brown bagging it kitchen to help make lunch and when I got there I had NO idea that we would be making 460 lunches just for a bunch of schools and the community was making 2238 and I saw how cool it was to help others. If you want to do the same all you need to do is ask your parents how you can help, ask any questions on our Facebook page, twitter page, or you can ask questions on here and we will try ASAP to answer you. You can check out the story on CTV news tonight or maybe their website tomorrow


  3. Denika says:

    So, todays the dead line to donate for JB tickets and we have not had a single donation, So guys PLEASE donate even if you don’t like Justin Bieber just help out the kids imagine going without lunch every day. Thats what those kids are going through, EVERYDAY CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT! so please go talk to your friends, who talk to there friends and DONATE a little goes a long way. I would even appreciate $5 and I would be so happy but not as happy as some of those kids would be if they got a lunch. Did you know $1 fr a lunch, thats all that it costs them so please donate.

  4. Leeanne spracklin says:

    Just found your charity cause today. I would love to donate for the cause. Please let me k ow if these jb tickets are still available. I can not afford thousands if dollars. As I am a single mom with three kids. But I am willing to donate something. Thank you.

    • Hi Leeanne, the tickets are still available with the highest bid for them currently at $300. As all money will be going to charity, they are going to the highest bidder. We completely understand the resources of single parents, and if you are unable to bid at this time, we still encourage you to remember BrownBaggingIt.org as they are feeding 3000 kids a day in Calgary. Every donation until November 15th will be matched by the Prosser Foundation and qualifies for an instant tax receipt for donations over $20.

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  6. I have been following Denika’s story from the beginning and I am happy to report that I have a $1,000 donation, in Denika’s name, ready to deliver to Brown Baggin’ It for Kids. I am a member of the Stampede City Kinsmen Club and I brought Denika’s story to our General Meeting last night and all 26 members voted unanimously to support Denika’s efforts. I will be dropping the cheque off this afternoon to Brown Baggin’ It for Kids. Our club would also like to recognize Denika for her generous spirit of giving and compassion for other kids less fortunate by presenting her with a Certificate of Recognition. Could you please pass my contact info onto Denika and her family so we can make some arrangements for our presentation to her?

    • Denika says:

      WOW!!!!! I’m speechless…………. thank you to the Stampede City Kinsmen Club.
      I appreciate the Recognition but I’m not done yet……..

      • Okay Denika, well I’m glad we were able to make you speechless. I’m now very interested in knowing what else you are planning to do. I will continue to watch your blog for updates. Just let me know when you might be ready to receive some small recognition from our club for your efforts to raise funds for charity. We meet twice a month on Tuesday nights & would like to invite you & your parents & brother to come out to one of our meetings sometime & have dinner with us & tell us all about your future plans & activities. We may even be able to help out some more. Please keep in touch.

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